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Dinner Menu

Fresh Cambodian food prepared daily.

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Crispy Khmer Rolls

3 crispy spring rolls filled with pork, carrot, onions, woodear mushrooms, and glass noodles. Served with a Cambodian tuk trey dipping sauce with roasted peanuts. Vegan option available.  – £4.50

Summer Rolls

2 fresh rice paper rolls filled with king prawns, pork, cucumber, carrot, rice noodles and mint. Served cold with either a Cambodian tuk trey dipping sauce (gluten free) or hoisin peanut sauce. Vegan option available with tofu – £4.50

Avocado Crispy Rolls

Creamy avocado rolls in crispy spring roll wrappers served with a sweet cashew sauce.  Vegan option available without honey. £4.50

Honey Siracha Wings

4 crispy chicken wings glazed in a spicy South-East Asian sauce with chillies, honey and sesame. As an alternative to wings, we have a Boneless Crispy Chicken option. Wings are gluten-free, but boneless option is not.  – £6.95

Angkor Cauliflower

Lightly battered cauliflower, glazed with our spicy chilli and honey sauce.  Vegan and gluten-free options available.  – £6.95

Crispy Tofu with Hoisin Peanut Sauce

Lightly fried tofu, served with pickled red cabbage and hoisin peanut sauce. Vegan-friendly. Gluten-free option with sweet chilli sauce.  – £6.95

Khmer Moun

Cambodian fried chicken, marinated, then fried in a light batter. Served with pickled red cabbage and kimchi aioli. – £6.95

Coconut Tamarind Mussels

Fresh mussels steamed with garlic, chilies, coconut milk, holy basil, and tamarind paste.  Gluten-free. – £8.95

Angkor Plates

Served with jasmine rice, or chilli-fried rice for £1 extra. (All Angkor Plates are gluten-free) Vegan options served with tofu, seitan or chick peas.

Loc Lac

French Colonial dish of steak or chicken pieces caramelised in sweet soy and garlic. Steak cooked medium at an extremely high temperature to seal in the flavours. Served on top of fresh salad with black pepper lime sauce on the side for dipping. (try it Khmer style by adding a fried egg for an extra £1) – £14.95

Lamb Rendang

South-East Asian style tender lamb curry cooked for hours in lemongrass, toasted coconut and chilli.  Medium spicy.  Served with a fresh mango and mint salad.  – £14.95

Ginger Tamarind Duck

Roasted duck breast sauteed with ginger, pepper, onions, basil, chillies and tamarind sauce.  – £14.95

Cambodian Kari

A traditional coconut curry with lemongrass paste, star anise, and chillies. Cooked with green beans, peppers, onions, bamboo, sweet potato and basil. Your choice of beef, chicken, king prawns, duck. Served with jasmine rice, fries or rice or egg noodles. Vegan option available. – £14.95 – (£15.95 with king prawns)

Royal Amok

Cambodia’s national dish of fish curry cooked in a banana leaf, with coconut milk, lemongrass paste, and kaffir lime leaves.  – £13.95

Spicy Lemongrass Sauté

Traditional Cambodian lemongrass paste, sautéed with peppers, onions, birds eye chillies, peanuts, and basil. Your choice of beef, minced chicken, king prawns, tofu or chick peas. Served spicy, but made to order for your liking. Vegan option available. – £12.60 – (£14.60 with king prawns)

Sirloin Steak with Cambodian Style Chimichurri

Pan seared British sirloin steak cooked medium rare (Please state preference), with sautéed onions, mushroom, and a traditional sauce of coriander, mint, basil, chillies, garlic, and lime. With Jasmine rice, or fries. – £18.95

General Lon Nol

Crispy tofu, or house made seitan sauteed with garlic, ginger, cashews, peppers, and onions and glazed with a sweet, and spicy sauce.  Vegan. – £13.95

Pan Fried Sea Bass with Chilli Sauce

Fresh sea bass fillet pan fried, and served with a medium spicy Cambodian chilli sauce of garlic, ginger, tomato and chilli, and sauteed pak choi. – £15.95

Cha Moun

Minced chicken sauteed with garlic, birds eye chilies, onions, peppers and sweet soy sauce. Topped with holy basil.  – £13.95

Angkor Noodles

Cha Kuthiew

A popular Cambodian street food dish. Sautéed flat rice noodles with garlic, palm sugar, tamarind paste, prawn powder(optional), onions, beansprouts and peanuts. Your choice of beef, chicken, king prawns, tofu or seitan. Vegan option available with no egg and a vegan friendly sauce. Gluten-free.  – £12.95 – (£14.95 with king prawns)

Cha Mee

Sautéed wheat noodles with garlic, spring onions, bean sprouts and your choice of beef, chicken, king prawns,  tofu or seitan. Topped with roasted peanuts, and crispy shallots, with tuk trey sauce on the side. Vegan option available with no egg and a vegan-friendly sauce. – £12.95 – (£14.95 with king prawns)

Crispy Noodle Sauté

Crispy yellow noodles topped with sautéed broccoli carrots, mushrooms, onions, and baby corn cooked in oyster sauce, and garlic. Your choice of chicken, beef, king prawns, tofu, or seitan – Vegan option available – £12.95  –(£14.95 with king prawns)

Side Orders

Pomme Frites (thin potato fries) – £3.00

Sauteed Garlic Pak Choi – £4.00

Extra Jasmine Rice or Noodles – £2.50

Garlic-Fried Chilli Rice – £3.00

Baguette – £1.50



Wings – 2 crispy chicken wings with fries or rice, and sweet chilli sauce on the side – £5

Noodles – with carrot, peppers and a little stir fry sauce for flavour. With beef, chicken – £5 – or prawns – £6

Fried Rice – with carrot, peas and egg, and a little stir fry sauce for flavour. With beef, chicken, or veg – £5



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